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The Brazilian School of Insurance (ENS)

Offering high quality educational solutions to achieve the complete qualification of the Brazilian insurance professionals has been the mission of the Brazilian School of Insurance (ENS) for five decades, since founded in 1971, as a non-profit foundation.

During this period, the School gathered expertise and prestige, becoming the main institution in Brazil concerning education and research of insurance and risk management knowledge. 

The educational activities include technical, graduate and postgraduate courses - regular and in-company, as well as face-to-face and distance learning. The products and services provide easy access to knowledge and information related to insurance, risk management, reinsurance, and private pension funds.

The Schools’ experts and technicians are familiar with insurance and other related subjects such as business, economy and marketing. They are a qualified, multidisciplinary and constantly proactive team, always ready to identify market needs and propose solutions.

The team of tutors are academics and executives with outstanding performance in their expertise areas, who match academic experience to market practice.


Global Cooperation

The Brazilian School of Insurance (ENS) agreements with international institutions aim to offer knowledge to Brazilian professionals about the international markets, focusing different cultures and regulation. Some of our partner institutions are: 
Fundación Mapfre, Spain
Institut de Formation de la Profession de l´Assurance, France (IFPASS)
Institute for Global Insurance Education (IGIE)
International Insurance Foundation (IIF), USA
Life Office Management Association (LOMA), USA
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), UK
The Institutes, USA
TSEV Turkish Insurance Institute Turkey